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    Last Updated: August 8, 2016

    When you order one of our products online, our custom design services are included in your order at no additional fees. However, the scope of these services is not unlimited and is bound by the following Design Terms and Conditions.



    • Basic photo retouching is offered for free. This includes cropping pictures, correcting colors, removing red eyes, and other similar basic tasks.
    • Advanced photo retouching incurs additional fees that will be billed independently. This includes skin smoothing, teeth whitening, object removal, etc.
    • We charge $3/picture for advanced photo retouching.



    In some cases, you would want us to scan some physical photos into digital ones and include them in your new design or product. Scanning photos is not included in our design services by default. We charge $0.25 for each scanned photo.



    For some products, text would constitute an extensive part of your design. In such cases, you may want us to type, edit, proofread, or organize short or large texts to be included in your design and product. Such services would incur extra fees that range between $1 to $4 per designed page, depending on the length and complexity of its text. However, the exact fees for these services will be decided and billed on a case-by-case basis.



    For each order, we offer 2 design drafts as part of our default design services. We will send those drafts to you by email to get  your feedback and approval. In few cases, we may offer a third draft for free.

    Any additional design draft incurs extra fees that will be billed independently. Those fees differ based on the product type (photo book, canvas, cushion, etc.) and would be decided on a case-by-case basis.

    However, our approximate fees would be as the following:

    • Mugs: $2 per extra draft
    • Canvases and Cushions: $5 per extra draft
    • Photobooks: $10 per extra draft
    • Wallpapers: $20 per extra draft



    Before printing your design, we'll always ask for your final approval. This means that we never proceed with creating your products until we get your verbal or written permission to do so, whether by phone or email.

    Even though we always double and triple check that your final design is error free, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that it is perfect and ready to print. We are not liable for any error that would be spotted after printing your design.



    The digital version of your custom design is not included in your order by default. It is in our sole discretion to decide whether or not to provide you with that version for your personal use. Providing you with the digital version of your custom design will incur additional fees.



    Additional design services that you may ask for and that incur additional fees will be billed independently from your initial order.

    Your new bill will be sent to you by email to be paid online in an independent online transaction or to be paid in cash on delivery along with your initial order's bill.



    We reserve the right to modify these Design Terms of Service at any time, so please review them frequently. Placing any order on our website constitutes full acceptance of the latest version of these terms and conditions.


    If you have questions about these Design Terms of Service, you can contact us by email at info@memento-lb.com or directly through the contact page on our website.