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    5 Gift Ideas To Help You Ace Valentine’s Day This Year [+1 Bonus Idea]

    It’s the run-up to Valentine’s Day, and you are probably feeling the pressure of scoring the perfect gift for your sweetheart. The good news is, Valentine’s Day gifting doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Here are some superb personalized gift ideas that are bound to not only impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or fiancé, but also leave them with memories they can treasure for years to come.

    Valentine's Day Gift Box.

    Idea #1: A Photo Book Of All Your Special Moments

    Some romantic, some funny, some even silly, but all of them are rendered special because they were so unique to the two of you. A relationship has so many of these moments that don’t deserve to be forgotten. Well, capture them all in a customized photo book for your partner, along with some thoughtful notes and loving messages, and show them how much you care for every moment that you’ve spent together so far! 

    Valentine Gift Idea #1: A personalized photo book.

    From the cover design, to the selection of photographs, to the heartfelt notes, you can fully customize this special book and make it all about you and your sweetheart.

    Thank you soooo much. I loved it! It's really awesome. It has the feeling. He was very surprised and he was like "OMG It's a book!". He went through the first three pages, then he closed it and said "khalas" cause everyone was watching. He was starting to have tears. It was so emotional! Thank you.

    This was the feedback of one of memento's clients who has earlier offered her husband a photo book showcasing all their years and memories together. It was overwhelming!

    [Order your Photo Book and let us customize and deliver it to you for this Valentine.] 

    Idea #2: Valentine’s Day Canvas Prints

    A canvas print is always a great way to showcase your favorite photographs. Create the perfect romantic gift for your sweetheart by picking out a lovely photograph of the two of you, and having it converted into a special Valentine’s Day canvas print.

    There are practically endless shapes, sizes and styles of canvases that you can go for. What’s more, you can get creative with the design, say by creating an arrangement of multiple photos, incorporating a special message or artwork, or even creating an elegant composition of multiple canvases all together.

    Canvases also work great as decor elements, so your gift will find a special place not only in your partner’s heart but on their home’s walls too!

    [Order your Canvases and let us customize and deliver them to you for this Valentine.] 

    Idea #3: Love-Themed Cushions To Snuggle Into

    Looking for something that's both intimate and personalized? Have your romantic photos and messages printed on special Valentine's themed cushions!

    Valentine Gift Idea #3: Personalized Love-themed Cushions.

    There's a whole range of creative designs that you can create, right from heart shaped cushions with your favorite selfies, to classic square or rectangular ones bearing affectionate messages and fond memories. So why not convey your love with a cozy gift into which your partner can snuggle every day?!

    [Order your Cushions and let us customize and deliver them to you for this Valentine.] 

    Idea #4: Romantic Lampshades

    A personalized lampshade exhibiting photographs of some of your best experiences together, would be a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift that makes your sweetheart think of you whenever the lights come on! It makes for a special medium than can express how much you love them and how much they brighten up your world by just being who they are.

    Valentine Gift Idea #4: Personalized Romantic Lampshades.

    You can create tons of lampshade designs that will be tailored with your unique touch to look perfect and adorable on your partner’s desk, living room or bedside table.

    [Order your Lamp and let us customize and deliver it to you for this Valentine.] 

    Idea #5: Valentine’s Themed Photo Frames

    A beautiful way to preserve your fondest memories, personalized photo frames always strike the right chords.

    Valentine Gift Idea #5: Valentine's themed photo frames.

    A photo frame customized with a romantic Valentine’s theme, and encasing a photograph that holds a special meaning for you and your special one, is the ideal way to go if you prefer simple but meaningful gestures.

    [Order your Frames and let us customize and deliver them to you for this Valentine.] 

    BONUS Idea: Why Not Go All The Way With A Complete Valentine’s Gift Set!

    If you aren’t one for small gestures, but would still like to keep your gift thoughtful and personal, combine the above gifts into one big Valentine’s gift set. You can also throw in some additional personalized mugs, coasters or rock slate frames!

    Valentine's Gift Bundle of Personalized Products including a photo book, canvas, cushion, lamp, mugs and frames.

    With so many personalized items included in this collection, your sweetheart will feel truly special with all the love showered upon them. You can set up an overwhelming Valentine’s Day surprise for them to wake up to, or make an entire day celebration of it, revealing one lovely gift at a time!

    [Select and Order Your Bundle and Set Up Your Grand Valentine's Day Surprise.] 


    So these were our 5 [or 6] Unique Valentine Gift Ideas that we’re sure will help you ace this Valentine’s Day. Well, the most expensive gestures in the world don’t quite match up to the charm of a personal touch!

    So what are you waiting for? Get going on your personalized Valentine’s Day gifts now, and prep for a special surprise that expresses your love in the language that is exclusive and unique to the two of you, only!

    [Place your order at memento-lb.com or by by phone on +961-03-929662 . We deliver across Lebanon.]